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Consistency helps in developing routines and also helps in building momentum in whatever area of life you are consistent. It helps you form a new habit that pushes you to be successful in that particular area of your life.  Whether it’s exercising, dieting, running a business, performance at the workplace, maintaining relations with your loved ones or parenting, every area of your life needs consistency in order for you to achieve the desired level of success.

Think about someone having an infection and the doctor has prescribed antibiotics for 5 days, 3 times a day. It requires consistent effort to take the medicines and to achieve the goal of being free from the infection.  If that person is not consistently focused on taking the medicines, the results are not going to be good for the body. The difference between failure and success is consistency. Think about why you go to a particular restaurant? Because you like the food and as a customer, you go there expecting the same quality of food all the time. What if they are not consistent with their food quality and one day they slip, they probably will lose their loyal customer as they lost the consistency.

If we are consistent, it tells us that we are doing what we are required to do now, in order to have a better result in the future. Consistency is repeating the same set of habits overtime to reach the desired outcome.

Why Do We Struggle With Consistency?

When we know Consistency can help us achieve anything we want in our life, why do we struggle with being consistent?

There are a lot of things that can be the origin of our struggle with consistency. These can include:

1)  Lack of focus

People don’t exactly know what to focus on and what they are looking for? If our focus/goal is not clear, we will always struggle with being consistent.

2) Lack of delayed gratification and desire for instant gratification

A lot of people want results immediately but when we want things too quickly and waiting for something because it takes too long feels like too much work, we will struggle with consistency.

3) Lack of patience

The results take time but if we aren’t patient enough we will struggle with being consistent.

4) Having a mindset of “all or nothing”

People struggle with being consistent because they forget what Leadership expert John Maxwell says, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” It is not something that you achieve overnight but it takes time. But people with this mindset of having all or nothing struggle a lot.

Why Consistency is an Important Habit?

1) Helps in developing self-control

Developing a new habit can be very challenging because it is difficult to leave what we are comfortable with; hence we tend to go back to our old habits. It needs a lot of self-control so that we stop ourselves from going off-track. Hence if we are consistent, it helps us develop self-control.

2) Our trust with people increases 

When we are consistent, people trust us and rely on us more as they know that we are not going to fall back. Being consistent will help build trust and reliability.

3) It helps in the progression 

Consistency leads to progression, if we are progressing; our process of achieving success speeds up.  This helps to build our self-confidence.  It helps us accomplish our goals faster.

4) It helps you stand out in the crowd 

When we are taking small actions repeatedly, it will result in big results over time. When we do something long enough, we differentiate ourselves from people who aren’t consistent. This can help us attract new prospects and help us get noticed by others and open more doors for opportunities.


How to be Consistent?

1) Commit to change. 

The first step of any revolution and change in your life is to commit to the change. It is to make a conscious choice and making a decision to keep going till you achieve your goals. Make a commitment and commit to that change.

2) Take Small steps 

Making drastic changes in a short period will not be very helpful. We need to start taking baby steps and move towards our bigger goals. Small success is also a great win.

3) Measure your progress

It’s difficult to stay consistent if we don’t measure our progress. Measuring progress gives you an idea of where you are going.

4) Allow yourself to come on track when you get off track.

Sometimes we get distracted and we lose our focus and forget what we’re trying to accomplish. Rather than feeling bad about it, we should learn to recognize it and then come back on track.

If you are still struggling in creating consistency around your goals, that’s normal. Book a session with one of our coaches and we will help you with some tools.


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