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How do you define something as healthy? Habits technically are not supposed to be called as good or bad but rather healthy and unhealthy. A healthy habit is something that you do repeatedly that aims at improving your quality of health and overall development as a whole. The first rule of getting into any habit is to maintain consistency. Often it is notice that it is easy to start a new habit but what is difficult is to maintain it consistently as usually people either give up or get bored of it or get too used to it. Another reason why it becomes hard is consistency. In our fast and busy lives these days and living amidst a pandemic, doesn’t make anything easier.

With developing any habit is to set attainable and baby step goals instead of trying to aim at something that is absolutely difficult and does not match with your lifestyle. For Any habit to become a second nature part of your life requires at least 45 days. This number of days has been determined after research and studies have proven that you need those minimum 45 days to get used to any habit that you start. Starting is not often the problem but maintaining is the problem and the following are the steps and techniques used to effectively initiate a new habit in your life and more importantly to remain consistent at it without beating yourself around it.

  1. Do your research

Before selecting the activity or the method of approach of how you are going to make this a daily, weekly or monthly habit, make sure you have read enough and done your research on the pros and cons and approaches and methods used to inculcate The habit. Do not blindly follow fads or magic diets just because it is being promoted on social media.

  1. Pick a habit that would interest you or you like doing

Most commonly seen these days people pick up habits for weight loss or to maintain their health or a certain hobby. What makes it easy to achieve goals and be consistent at habit is to pick a habit that you love doing and would enjoy doing but at the same time would also be productive and improve your quality of life and your overall well-being. For example if you enjoy tennis play tennis, if you enjoy swimming go for a swim every 2 or 3 days.

  1. Take baby steps to transition

Developing a new habit is challenging because this is an added activity to your already packed busy day. Hence start with baby steps. Start with 20 minutes of that activity every day and slowly increase that time.

  1. Set goals and evaluate regularly

Set goals daily, weekly or monthly and at the end of the day check and see if you have achieved that set goal. If you have not what are the factors that have not let you attain it

  1. Have a cheat day

just because you are trying to get into the habit of doing something does not mean that you have to religiously do it every single day. Take breaks in between once in a week or however it fits with your schedule.

  1. Moderation is the key

Any habit be it healthy or unhealthy, if overdone or under done could be dangerous or could go the other way around than intended. Try to be moderate in whatever it is that you are trying to make a habit of

  1. Enjoy the new habit

Evaluate and make sure that the new habit you have chosen for yourself is something that you enjoy and not stressing around. If any activity that it used to do is being more of a problem and giving you stress and not really targeting your overall development or well-being then maybe it is time to re-evaluate your goals

  1. Do not compare yourself to others

Each individual is unique and different. Each of our lives are different from one another and just because a particular habit benefited one individual in a different way than from you should not be a factor for you to determine your own outcome or the habits that you want to develop.

  1. Join or form a group

Join or associate yourself with a group that is doing similar activities that you want to inculcate

For example if you enjoy doing yoga, try to have one or two friends or try to get into groups that do yoga regularly and motivate each other for the same.

  1. Don’t be afraid to stop or change

It is only when we actually try doing certain activities or try to inculcate certain habits that we figure out if it fits or not. Hence after doing the particular activities for a few days or weeks or months, if you feel that it is not something that you are really benefiting from or it is not something that you enjoy doing, do not feel afraid to switch habits or find a new hobby or activity.

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