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About Us


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

– George Bernard Shaw

WinLyfe was established with the sole purpose of helping people to accelerate and strengthen their personal growth. 

We are looking to empower people to learn the skills of life which, in most cases, we are not taught during the crucial years of our life at school. We want to become the resource for people they rely on and approach whenever they are stuck in any life situation.

We are dedicated to helping you in not just learning the skills but we will work with you to provide solutions with any and every facets of life and business wherever you are looking to elevate yourself and create a different result than you currently have.

We are also fanatical about providing you the mindset of successful people by organizing seminars, training and coaching to gain the knowledge from those who are successful and have achieved results in some form of their life.

Core Values

Adding Value to People

Helping individuals to achieve the desired results in their life, business or career is our prime core value.

Value People

We are dedicated to motivate, encourage and coach people to get to their most powerful state of loving themselves and then conquer their challenges and be in control of their life.


Every day is a day to invest in your growth and be better than yesterday. We create opportunities for individuals so that they can keep on growing in one or the other aspect of their life.


Acquire excellence in all the areas of our business and provide the highest quality trainings and seminars accessible to individuals. We also strive to make sure every individual excels in every field of their life.

Community Commitment

We believe in giving back to the community we operate by contributing to the well-being of the community. We will donate to local charity or initiate new charity work to help people in need.


In order to achieve success it is important to find your “Why”. A compelling, heart-felt vision ignites the spark that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning. Find the clarity to live a life you love. 

Why Choose Us


With more than 25 years of personal growth and success collectively now, our team values to invest in themselves.  Our highly skilled and passionate team has been working tirelessly to fulfill their dreams and the dreams of other individuals.


At WinLyfe, Our team has developed expertise in self-development and we host fully qualified training experts, specializing in the personal development industry.

Customized Training

We truly understand that everyone is unique and every individual has its own areas that need improvement – we just cannot put everything on one page for everyone. Therefore, we also offer personalized and uniquely structured training sessions for each individual to help you meet your individual goals.

High Quality

We are committed to teaching you the cutting-edge high-quality techniques on self-improvement. There is no space to settle for anything less than excellence, especially when it comes to real-life challenges and getting you ready for your next step up to achieve your goals.

Engaging Events

We make training fun and interactive so that you make the most of your time with us and engage in networking to make new connections. Our trainers ensure you feel mentally stimulated and motivated to take action that can change the trajectory of your life.

Our Philosophy


WinLyfe vision is to be a change in the world by making the individual be a better version of themselves and succeed in every aspect of life by making diversified knowledge accessible to them.


WinLyfe mission is to become excellent in the self-development industry and help people by providing varieties of professional, reliable and self-development training, seminars and coaching accessible to them.

Also ensure that they have sustained growth through coaching and by applying those learning in your real life situation.

Through sustained excellence, we will achieve greatness around the globe by adding value to individuals and focusing on the people who need our help most at an affordable price.