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Goals are one of the most crucial parts of a plan which describes exactly what you want to achieve. Goals provide you with clarity, a focus to achieve that target you have set in your mind.

Goal setting is the action plan designed to motivate and guide you to achieve that goal. It helps you to move towards your target and it eradicates any ideas or any negative thoughts that aren’t contributing towards your target.

There is magic in writing your goals down and it always works in the favor of people who write their goals down. They are 42% more likely to achieve their goals. Writing the goals down ignites new dimensions of consciousness, and it also provides new ideas and also gives you a sense of possibility and a sense of achievement and it ignites your subconscious mind. People who write their goals down have 1.4 times higher chances of succeeding by just committing their goals to paper. Goal writing increases your success in ten folds.


Why should you commit to writing your goals?

Let’s talk about a few reasons that we should commit to writing our goals

  1. Gives Clarity

Your mind cannot retain all the information and you may feel overwhelmed by various thoughts that you have running in your mind. So, writing your goals down gives your mind a break and forces you to have clarity on paper and thus releases the stress from your brain.

  1. Motivates for Action

You have to take immediate actions on your goals and it is proven that when you write your goals down and review them, it will motivate you to take action towards those goals.

  1. Having a Better Control

Simply removing all your goals from your head and writing it to a piece of paper eliminates and reduces a lot of actual stress. It removes the burden of having everything in your head and you can have much better control over your emotional reactions.

Impact on Your Life

Writing down goals has a very considerable impact on your life. If you have written down your goals in all the eight areas of your life (Read our Wheel of Success blog) and act on it, you definitely will achieve those goals and have a balanced Wheel of Success.

Those eight areas of your life will have a momentous impact by just a simple act of writing your goals.

Map Progress and Stay on Track

  1. Cross Off

As you keep achieving your goals keep crossing it out so that you can monitor and track your progress.

  1. Measure your Goals

Make your goals measurable For example-Instead of saying, “I’m going to reduce sugar intake “you can have a goal of using 100 g of sugar for the entire month or maybe your goal is have zero sugar for five days and then one spoon sugar on two day of the weekend. The goals which are not measured are very vague and are hard to follow.

  1. Make it visible

Put your goals up everywhere you can see them every day. On your door, on your mirrors, washroom, kitchen cabinets, fridge anywhere where they are easily visible.

  1. Follow up strategy for achieving goals

Always review your goals and once you have the action plan ready follow up on this strategy for achieving your goals. Your strategy is ready but you need to keep following up to keep in track of achieving your goal.

Overall there is a saying that “ a goal that is not written down is nothing more than just a wish” Make sure you’re recording each goal and that you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and then work on it. It’s very simple to write down your goals and review them time to time and you will have the best chance of achieving those once you act upon those.

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