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Everyone talks about trying to stay positive in life. But is it that simple? It is relatively easier to stay positive when everything is going right and happening the way that you would want it to happen. The real challenge is to stay positive and afloat when things are disturbed or in turmoil. Having a positive outlook doesn’t only mean verbally saying that everything will be all right but it also includes putting efforts and actions towards positivity and trying to learn from previous mistakes and taking every sort of fall or challenge as a learning experience and going ahead.

To have a positive outlook in life you don’t need to be an optimistic person from the start. Optimism is a trait that can be learnt. With mind training and effective meditation this is very much achievable. That is why so much of emphasis is given on meditation and reflection.

Although optimism is a mental trait it is very much connected to physical well-being and if you need to have a positive outlook on life having a healthy lifestyle equipped with good exercise is also exercise for the mind and will keep your mind healthy and your thoughts happy.

Having a positive outlook does not mean that your life will be out of trouble. It only means that when trouble comes your way, you tend to focus on what is positive and try to get the negatives out of your mind which in turn bring out positive outcomes more frequently.

It is very important to have a good tribe of people surrounding you who have the same thought process as you. You alone having a positive life and your organization and the people working with you, above and under being pessimist and not putting in their efforts will be absolutely of no use towards achieving goals.


Here are 10 creative different ways to have a positive outlook towards work and life.

  1. Start a gratitude journal.

It is always good to not just journal down your thoughts but to maintain a section in your journal which refers to the gratitude section. We need to be grateful for all the good that we have in our lives no matter how small it is and keeping a journal helps us keep this in tab. You can jot down small things that you have come across which have had a positive effect on you it could be something as small as watching your child say a new word or something as big as a major achievement in your organization. Keeping a gratitude journal helps you appreciate the good that you have in life and sets up your expectations and goals in priority. It also helps you primarily see the good in people before concentrating on the bad qualities.


  1. Start every morning strong and fresh.

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to have an early start to your day if you want to have a positive outlook. This includes waking up a couple of hours ahead of time before work. Certain people it could mean exercising, for others it could mean meditation and for some it could mean getting a good shower but whatever the technique or method is make sure that it is something that helps you get a good start to the day and refreshes your mind.


  1. Treat yourself to self-care

This is something that I constantly and persistently tell especially new mothers to treat themselves first before taking care of their kids. This is very essential because if you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to function to take care of others. Which is exactly why on an airplane, they ask you to put your mask first before tending to your child. Buy yourself a small little gift that you have been waiting for, or go for a vacation but things like this will help you relax and in turn ease the worries and tensions that run through your mind trying to take control over it.


  1. Take real breaks

We are all human beings and not machines. We need to get our rest even if it means a 10 minute break and unwind and then come back to work. If this is not done no matter how hard we work for a good 10 hours stretch, it’s not going to be productive. Short breaks are important everyday, it is proven that our minds cannot concentrate more than 20 to 25 minutes. That doesn’t mean that you take a break every 25 minutes but in an eight hour shift, you at least need to take two to three short breaks to work productively.


  1. Stop gossiping

Gossiping can be extremely toxic more than you think it could be. Gossiping could be about anything. It could be small talk, it could mean talking about others behind their backs or making fun of people behind their backs. But whatever it is at the end of the day it is not something that is going to help you have a positive outlook in life if you constantly talk about others and criticize others. And if you’re doing this, then make sure you do it from your heart.


  1. Have something to look forward to after work

For a mom, after going back to work after the babies, her entire day goes by in waiting on when she would get home and see the kids, and no matter how hard a day she had or how difficult it was, coming back to the kids would just wipe away everything and make her feel that there is hope, and give her the boost and the encouragement she would need to work on whatever challenge or difficulties that she faced at work. It could be anything for you,  taking your dog for a walk, watching that favorite TV show. Bottom line is if you have something to look forward to after your long and hard day, you feel positive in general and you feel good.


  1. Practice meditation

The reason why I use the word practice here is because meditation is something that is a learned skill, you cannot just meditate suddenly. You have to learn it over a period of years. The kind of concentration that that you need to meditate effectively requires a lot of mind training and self-control. Yoga is a simple form of exercise which also involves meditation, this can be learned online or you can take a class if you feel that you aren’t going to do it on your own everyday but make sure that you’re taking some effort towards doing meditation. It is scientifically proven that even 5 minutes of meditation can have an immense effect on how you work. Deep breathing exercises are also very effective in trying to calm down.


  1. Crack more jokes

No being humorous and funny is not a trait that everyone has so this is not something that you have to have if you need a positive outlook but something that you could teach yourself slowly. Everyone has a different temperament and you cannot force yourself to laugh or crack a joke but you can read books and try to teach yourself to do these things.


  1. Focus on long-term goals instead of short-term

A lot of us react when angry or when there is a conflict that arises at work. We should train ourselves to see the bigger picture and instead of getting angry at the other person, we need to understand that there might be a reason behind this which might not at all be work for that person beat it trying to be empathetic and understanding the situation before reacting on impulse is a method that can be self-taught and practiced if you want to stay positive in life.


  1. Listen to music or have a hobby that matches your interests

Have a certain hobby if you want to have that positivity in your life. It could be anything from reading a book that interests you, to listening to music, to play a sport etc. Be it whatever it is that you choose make sure that you are consistent in doing it everyday or at least most of the days and also that you enjoy doing it and not just do it for the sake of it. Having a hobby is like a vacation for your mind. It lets your mind relax and take a break which in turn encourages positivity in your life.


When you look at these methods you will feel that these are all tasks and how would it help you see things positively period even though these methods don’t work directly on your positivity, they will indirectly help you to see things positive because indirectly all these methods train your mind and relax your mind in turn which lets you have hope and which lets you see that there is a solution to every problem period at the end of the day you will and can train yourself to see the glass as half full.


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