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Congratulations! You’ve taken the first major step towards living a truly fulfilling and joyful life. You’ve found your passion. Unfortunately, I have some bad news. Although this step was a big one, it only amounts to about 10% of your life full of fire and drive. Now comes the moment that makes or breaks your will to stay on the path of passion, or backslide into grey monotonous routines. Obstacles. They’re unavoidable, and can have colossal effects when not navigated properly. Time and time again I’ve witnessed people charge into life knowing what they’re passionate about, only to learn that after a few months, they’ve given up and gone back to their old ways. Why does this happen? How can one person with so much love for what they’re doing completely abandon it? Well, to put it bluntly, they applied their passion with mediocrity. They discovered what they loved, and did not give any more into it. A plant does not grow without proper water and sunlight. The same goes for your passion. Unless you nurture it, and put time in to develop and grow it, the smallest speed-bump in life will have it come to a screeching halt, dead in its tracks. This cycle stops here and now. I want to set you up for success, and give you the tools you’ll need to weather the storm of life and push forward with your passion as a relentless force. Today, you go from passionate, to unstoppable.


Some Ways to Develop your Passion?

  1. Study

Study up on the subject or activity you’re interested in. The more you study, the more you get engrossed in it and the better understanding you have about that subject and you get more confident.

  1. Develop your Skill

Learning ability ought to be the primary ability you develop as it greatly help you develop different skills. A vital ingredient to have great learning ability is motivation. If you’re extremely motivated to develop and learn on certain of subject, it’ll be a lot of easier for you learn it. Again, curiosity plays a very important role here as a curious person is of course motivated. There are several books which will assist you hone your learning ability.

  1. Look for Role Models

Find someone as role model in that field and once you find them, follow them closely. Learn their habits and techniques. It will be effortless for you to grow if you precisely know what you want to be. That’s why it’s vital to find your role models. Your role model gives you a benchmark to achieve so that you recognize where and how far you should go in developing your skills. It will also inspire you since you know that someone before you has already achieved that. 

  1. Find a Mentor

While having a role model is nice, in several cases you can’t reach out to them directly for personalized feedback. That’s why it’s crucial to not just find role models but also find a mentor. Your mentor can walk you through your real life situations and help you develop a skill based on your capabilities. They teach you what and what not to do in. You can save a lot of time as you will have a road map in front of you. Finding mentors, of course, isn’t simple. Give them a valid reason to prove that you will utilize the time that they invest in you.

  1. Practice

Spend time practicing the basics of what you’re passionate about.  The reality is, the only way to be better and better in developing and learning is to practice. Many people have a belief that intellectual understanding is enough, they think all that they need to do is to read and gain knowledge about something in order to do it well. But in reality apart from reading, actually practicing those skills is vital in the skill development.

  1. Get an accountability Partner

Get a partner to hold you accountable. Find someone who can hold you accountable for the things you said you are going to do for development of your skills. That person can provide you the encouragement, knowledge, viewpoint and feedback you help you keep you on track. An Accountability Partner can radically increase your chances to succeed as they have the capability to call you out if you go off track. He/she is someone who can keep you on track and is honest in proving feedback to you. 

  1. Set growth goals

Set growth goals, as well as timelines to reach the goals. Put your goals up everywhere you can see them every day. On your door, on your mirrors, washroom, kitchen cabinets, fridge anywhere where they are easily visible. You can also put some pictures and actual images or any other sensory cue which you can see and which reminds you of your goal every time you see those pictures and images. Make then unavoidable.

  1. Be creative.

Find new and exciting ways to incorporate your passion activities into your daily life at home & at work.

Being creative provides us the opportunity to explore new ideas, and unique ways of thinking and problem-solving. When we are creative in our passion it helps us trying out the same things in different ways. You won’t be bored, the excitement is always there and the efficiency of the work increases.

  1. Stay positive

Don’t let minor or even major setbacks derail you. Find the good in all situations and press on. Focus on the light in the darkness. Finding the good in all situations will help you avoid slipping into a lack of motivation for your passion. Positivity breeds the willingness to continue on even when it’s hard. 

If you are still struggling in developing your passion, that’s normal. Book a session with one of our coaches and we will help you develop your passion.

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