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“A life without passion is not living, it’s merely existing.” This is the fire in the belly of everyone going through life: To seek out their own personal passion, and to pursue it vigorously. The problem many face, however, is where and how will they find this passion?

Too often you witness people wandering aimlessly through their day to day life with no drive or excitement. They wake up, eat the same bland food, go to the same job, and go to bed, only to restart and do it all over again the next day. What causes so many to fall into this rut of life?

How can they rise above the monotony and become full of life again?

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s very possible to find your passion, and even better, I’ll show you how!


How to Find Passion?

In order to find what your passion is, ask yourself some questions which might help you navigate in that direction.

  1. What causes you to forget everything and get so lost into doing it, that you simply lose track of time?

Do you remember doing something and hours later when you check up on the clock, you can’t believe how much time has passed and you didn’t notice that? It doesn’t have to be something that you are doing at present; it can be something you did when you were a teenager, or before you had kids or in your previous job.

  1. What lightens you up and you can talk about it for hours?

I prefer to rely on passion as “what wakes up our souls”. This is something when you talk about it, you are in a completely joyful state and this is a subject you get pleasure from debating, the one thing you that you can talk about ceaselessly with joy.

3. If you had the time and cash, what would you do with your time?

This is an ultimately fun filled exercise to visualize yourself doing something on a typical day .Imagine yourself on a regular day in your future where you don’t have to worry about your living and you have enough to take care of yourself. What you’d do if cash wasn’t a barrier and time wasn’t a constraint?

  1. When you think about it makes you get up early, jumping out of bed, excited to win the day?

What is that thing that makes you move out of bed without having the need to set up the alarm? For what would you jump out of bed, get dressed and are ready to win the day? You have your plans all set and are geared up to just execute them as you go by your day?

  1. For what would you work more and it doesn’t appear hard to you, because your work hours just zoom right by?

When you roll into it, the work isn’t the work as many us of talk about it however it is something that is a total joy, fun, electrifying and motivating for you.

  1. On what do you spend hours reading about?

For myself, after I get smitten by one thing, I’ll examine it for hours till the end. I’ll purchase books and magazines. I’ll invest days on the net looking for a lot of information about it. What is it that you spend hours on?

  1. What do you love to teach others about?

    When you are passionate about something and talk about it, you light up the room. The way you deliver the content and ideas to others is way different than anyone else because of your passion into it. Have you been passionate about teaching something to someone? Have you had chances when you said something to someone and their light bulb lit up and they were awestruck by your expertise and knowledge on that?


Is nothing coming to your mind right away? Well, take a sheet of paper, and begin writing down. Anything that might come to your mind, simply write it down. You can even do a brainstorm session with your work partner or your friend or you could do it at home with your spouse or family members.

Look inside your computer, on your bookshelf, in your house for inspirations, and just note them down. No idea at this stage is a bad idea. Pen down everything, and go through them later and evaluate them again.  Also, have a look at your collections of magazines, books, DVDs and most importantly your credit card statements. Did you notice any themes? If yes, write it down. What subjects are you continuously inclined toward? What are the things that you already spending your money, time and energy on?

Anything that might “light you up” so to speak? Do you feel a different vibe in your body?

Do you feel excited when you envisage a certain theme or likelihood? Those are all excellent signs.

Always remember, when it comes to our passions it is often a war with logic and reasoning. That’s why it’s important to swing your attention into your physical body changes and your heart responses when exploring these questions.


And if you still don’t know, what your fire in life is, that’s okay. Book a session with one of our coaches and we will help you discover your passion.

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