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Having a morning routine keeps you in check. It sets your day up for success; it gives you the layout of what your day is going to look like. It helps you get rid of your distractions and so you can stay focused on working towards your goals.

Often, the first thing people do in the morning is grab their phone and start surfing social media, they check their emails and listen to the news. When you do that, you start your day reacting to your environment. Before you even get out of bed, your head is spinning with everything that is going on in the world. It is important to schedule time in the morning for you to take set yourself up for a successful day. Take care of “You” first before taking on the world. When you have a plan, it reduces your decision fatigue as you know what to do next, and it makes for a much more productive and enjoyable day.

Create a Routine thats Unique to You

Remember, it is YOUR morning routine and it should work for you. You can copy the morning routines of people who have success in life, but it might not be the right plan for you. It needs to feel good or you won’t want to stick with it.

 Study yourself

Try a few things out and then find the morning routine that best suits your lifestyle and that you enjoy.

Some examples could be:

  1. Going for a walk, jog or run

If you can find a motivated person to join you, it will keep you more accountable.

  1. Grab a cup of coffee

Grab a cup of coffee and listen to something that motivates, inspires or energizes you (podcast, video, Ted Talk, etc.)

  1. Read for 15 minutes

Perhaps set up a special reading place that brings you joy with a specific book ready to go. You will be more likely to do it if it feels good and it is easy. If it takes you 20 minutes to choose a book, you might run out of time to do any reading.

  1. Spend time doing meditation in the morning.

Have a comfortable place set up for meditation and decide the night before what music or guided meditation you are planning on doing.

  1. Walk your dog

Not only will you get some fresh air, the excited look on your dog’s face will get your day off to a great start.

  1. Wake up before everyone else and prepare meals for the day.

To make this process even more successful, make sure you have all the you need and have a plan ready. groceries. Lack of organization can discourage you and start your day off with frustration.

  1. Do a workout

It will wake up your body and your brain. Once again, be clear about what your exercise plan is.

Spend some time on something that you really like to do. Especially if you are not a morning person, schedule something fun that will make it easier to get out of bed and get your energy moving.

  1. Write down 3 things you are grateful

To have a grateful spirit gives you a great head start in the morning. And it shapes your attitude for the entire day.

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