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2020 has been one of the most eventful year (at least for most of us). It went by in such a jiffy. But all the negativity that has been attached to the last year and this, what do we learn and take with us. Maybe, we need to start focusing more on the positives and we need someone for once focusing on how Covid has helped us all indirectly.

Everyone was complaining about the lockdown and not being able to travel and working from home and all that. But just think of it, for the first-time families were together. For the first time, the virus showed us that we are all the same. As it hit the poorest of the poor to prince Charles and the American President it showed that all those white supremacy and wealth and power will go away on a jiffy. All it took was for a virus to hit us.

What the virus seems to have taught us the most is to stop and smell the roses. It taught us to live each day of our lives to the fullest as if it were the last. What if that hug you gave your loved one was the last or that phone call you made to someone was the last. I think we need to thank the virus for being an eye opener.

The lockdown made working from home possible which indirectly took care of the overhead expenses of so many companies.  Once this is done, multiple companies might permanently do work from home. It taught parents that they could be teachers too or at least made them aware how difficult it was for a teacher to do the job that they do. Many parents felt sorry that they had blamed their kids’ teachers earlier. It is not until we walk in another person’s shoes that we realize that every job is challenging, and that people are doing their best.

The pandemic helped us appreciate your Healthcare workers and support staff, who were working day and night to fight these, holding hands of people who were on their death beds.

Neighbors started helping each other. Seniors were taken care of as neighbors and friends helped drop groceries or run errands for the seniors and immune compromised. Everyone was respectful about distancing and took everyone into consideration before doing anything.

Various people supported small local businesses who were struggling to thrive. Many people lost their jobs and friends, and family gave that extra helping hand. A big shout out to the Canadian Government that gave so many grants and funds not only to its own but even to students on student visa from other countries.

The pandemic has taught us that humanity somewhere is still alive. That, hope in mankind lies somewhere deep down and occasionally it takes a virus to let us see that side surface. Let us carry this hope with us as we get ahead in life and even after the virus is under control let us continue to be that person that brings joy and makes a difference to another person. Let us pay it forward.