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If you look at the official meaning of self development or personal development it is basically developing and broadening your knowledge, your character, your capabilities. But what exactly is self development when you look at it from a practical point of view? Self development is something that is based on an individual and it would be different for every individual.


STEP 1: Identify and Acknowledge

The first step towards self development is to first identify and acknowledge the areas in one’s life where we are weak or where we actually need some improvement and then setting goals and working towards achieving these goals.

STEP 2: Goal Setting

A very important aspect of personal development is making a graph for yourself. Instead of comparing yourself to others and wanting to be like someone else, what is of utmost importance is for you to measure your development from what you were when you started.  Every individual should be proud of their achievements and should acknowledge that as well. Personal development is a lifelong process and is not something that can be ended at some point. We always keep evolving as individuals when it comes to our personalities, habits and behaviors. To develop yourself personally at every stage of your life requires a check and requires goal setting as to what areas you need to work on.

STEP 3: Figure out improvement areas

Once the areas are identified, figure out the ways you could improve on those areas. Self-development requires consistency You need to do checks in between to see where you stand and again come back to your goal and it’s basically a cycle.

STEP 4: Find your Method

There are many methods that would enhance self-development and some of these are reading. Reading any kind of book and making it a daily habit can actually improve a lot of areas of self-development. Another thing that aids self-development is meditation or having some quiet time preferably in the early morning. But if that doesn’t work out in the morning, anytime during the day is fine even if it is just 10 minutes or 15 minutes of meditation and self-reflection and noticing the areas where you need to improve upon. Exercise or yoga are other ways that will make you feel good, keep your mind, body and spirit healthy and so in turn it will let you be more productive in whatever that you do.

STEP 5: Try a Different Approach

A very important aspect of self-development is to not be rigid about it. If a particular goal has not been achieved at the set time that does not mean that you give up or that you be down. In fact one should rather go back and visit the goal and see other ways that would help them achieve that particular area of development and then try a different approach to it. Sometimes the goal that you have set might not be what you achieve. Instead, what you achieve might be different. So in terms of flexibility, it is very important to be able to bend the rules a little bit here and there depending on what suits you the best.

STEP 6: Encourage and Motivate Yourself

Always trying to find areas of self-development, encouraging and motivating oneself is the main key to developing yourself. Consistency as mentioned earlier is important because if you have a goal and you don’t do things to achieve those goals on a regular basis then this affects timelines and this also affects development. What is important is that you are attempting to take an effort and make changes or improvements in yourself. That step itself requires a lot of self-awareness and a need to succeed in life.

STEP 7: Discuss with your Circle of Trust

Being able to talk to others and discuss things which will help you improve yourself are also important. One needs to let go of their ego and discuss areas of weaknesses with their circle of trust which will help them to develop themselves. A pat on the back and encouragement from your circle of trust and appreciation of your efforts can help you boost your self- confidence and thus help you in towards your journey of self- development.

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