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The difference between perfectionism and excellence is that perfectionism makes you completely lost in whatever it is that you are striving to do and in the process of achieving perfectionism you lose your sense of value. On the opposite side excellence is something that makes you make yourself as the ground center and work around whatever it is that you have and not lose yourself in the process of building up your goals


  1. Identify your goals and values and stand up for a cause

In life we need to have certain core values that we center everything upon around. We need to build up our core values and figure out how we need to inculcate these values in the process of achieving a particular goal. When we live in a society. There are numerous things that need our support. If we truly believe in something make sure that you’re opening us put out there and that you are truly standing up for it.

  1. Truly listen and feel your emotions

Listening is not that can be self-taught. It is important to listen first before putting out or thrusting your advice on anyone. Listen to what others have to say and do this without judgment. Empathize with people and learn to see things from their point of view. Acknowledge your emotions. Learn how to deal with your emotions rather than trying to shy away from them and putting on a face of happiness every time.

  1. Meditate and journal

Meditation is a very powerful tool that can help you develop personally and emotionally. It is certainly influential in disciplining your life and giving it direction. Journaling helps improve mood and productivity. Writing down your daily thoughts or what your aim is for the day will definitely help put a better frame into the picture that you have set in your mind

  1. Define your limiting beliefs

Try to understand what is holding you back from achieving your goals. Try to see the hindrances that you are faced with when you are trying to achieve a goal that you have set for yourself and try to work on the area of hindrance that is observed

  1. Practice gratitude, show compassion and smile more often

Learn to be grateful for all the blessings that you have. Everything is a privilege and learn to be thankful for even the smallest of things that life has offered to you. Personally send out thank you notes or call people and thank them. Every person loves to feel grateful for and go ahead and make that person feel happy. Stop judging your coworkers and employees. Learn to see things from their side and learn to empathize with them. Sometimes just letting your employees know that they have a leader who understands their problems and will work towards helping them sometimes goes a long way. Smiling is definitely contagious. Smile at random people. Let the smile come from within. It is natural for people who smile from their hearts, it shows on their faces. Their faces seem to glow and be radiant. People who smile leave a very positive aura and energy around whoever it is that they meet during the course of their day.

  1. Teach

If you have had learned a new piece of information or skill, do not hesitate to pass it on to others. Teaching others will only improve your skill in that particular area. Haven’t gotten new information and passing it on is one of the most productive ways in which you can evaluate how well you have learned on that particular subject.

  1. Learn from your dreams

Sometimes the subconscious tries to show us things that we might not think of in a conscious state. if you are constantly getting dreams of a similar pattern, try to figure out what idea or message your subconscious is trying to teach you

  1. Face your demons and take up challenges

Try to identify areas of fear or some sort of a sour memory in your life. Try to find out if that is the cause for you hesitating to step into certain areas of life. Recognize these inner demons and try to work towards fighting them. If needed take appropriate help.

  1. Celebrate your body

Your body is precious part of your life. Treat your body well. Exercise and meditate daily and feed your body wholesome and rich food. Instead of constantly trying to lose weight, try to do things that will promote yourself esteem and give you a sense of overall well-being and not just Target on weight loss. The ultimate aim in your life should be living an improved quality of life and this cannot be done if you do not treat your body right.

  1. Forgive

Learn to let go. Do not forget but make sure that you forgive people and do not hold grudges. Having a grudge against someone is letting that person live rent free in your brain forever. Having a grudge only affects you in a negative sense and will be of no good and no productivity. Learn to forgive people from the heart

  1. Focus on being, not having

Consumerism has taken over the world. Instead of wanting more and more material things, try to aim for things that will improve yourself worth and self being. Try to achieve things that you can pass on to your grandchildren and have a legacy set up

  1. Ask yourself each day, “did I give the best of what I could today?”. Live each day as of it were your last

At the end of the day stand in front of your mirror and ask yourself if you gave the very best that you could offer for that day. Self-assess and evaluate and figure how productive you were for that day and what caused a hindrance to offer your entire productivity and how you can get over those hurdles in order to deliver more. Live each day and give your best as of it were your last day.

At the end of the day. It’s striving for excellence will always make you a productive person because you are not doing a job out of the outcome but you are doing it because you are giving it to your 150% and not expecting an outcome but laying more importance on achieving the job excellently and putting in whatever it is that you can offer. Striving for excellence will only make a person more successful. At the end of the day these are only tips that we can tell ourselves and unless and until we start practicing these tips and applying it into our daily lives, we cannot fully say that we are trying to enforce this into our lives

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