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The Wheel of Success is your personal visual tool. Imagine your life as a wheel that is divided into 8 crucial areas of your life which together comes up as a whole and balanced life. This visual tools helps you quickly understand how balanced and successful your life is in the current moment and it also helps you evaluate where you need to focus more to maintain the balance in the areas you need to. Once you are successful and maintain an optimum balance in your life and are achieving success in all the areas of life it leads to a balanced wheel and hence it is the “Wheel of Success”

Now you might be pondering about this and asking the question that, “why do I need a balanced wheel? Why do I need to be successful in all the areas of my life and not just the one I am good at?

Well, the answer is, “Are you really able to enjoy true happiness when only one arena of your life is successful and you are struggling in others?

The other areas that you are struggling in will be pulling you away from your goals to be successful. If you are a high-performer and an achiever at your work, you are hitting the success in your career but what about your life after you finish your work? Do you spend quality time with your kids? Do you spend time to stretch and exercise? Do you have dinner dates planned? If not, this leads to an imbalance wheel and hence impacting your overall wellbeing. So, how do you make sure that you are getting optimum success in all the areas of your life that matters the most to you? Start with the Wheel of Success.

What  Are the Wheel of Success Categories?

  1. Relationships- Strengthening your relations with your family
  2. Health and Fitness- Taking control of your mind and body
  3. Business/Career- Achieving great success in your business/career goals.
  4. Finance- Taking charge of your financial health
  5. Fun and Recreation- Having joy and replenishment for your overall wellbeing
  6. Physical Possession- Accomplishing what you desire to own
  7. Contribution and Legacy- Creating destiny for your future generations to come
  8. Good habits and Personal Growth- Growing and becoming the best version of yourself

Thought  Prompters for Each Wheel of Success Category?

We will share some examples with you in each of the areas mentioned above. We would also share some thought prompters to help you evaluate the success you currently have in each area of your life.

1. Relationships

How we connect with others is critical to our own sense of health and well-being. Throughout the day, we need at least eight meaningful touches to have a healthy mental and emotional health.

Are you giving/receiving those meaningful touches? A healthy conflict resolution is a great tool to relational success. Are you talking to your family members on things that bother you or simply avoiding the discussion? Do you feel loved? How often do you express your love and gratitude to others? Do you release any expectations you had from others at the end of the day and do you start a new healthy relational day every morning without caring any baggage from the previous day? Do you take out time for date nights every week? Do you have quality kids time/ parent’s time?

2. Health and fitness

Your body is the most precious thing and you are responsible to take care of it, and to treat it the way it deserves to be treated. Are you giving your body enough nutritious food? Do you have a good sleeping pattern? Do you exercise at least three times a week? Do you do stretching or yoga at least twice a week to open up those muscles so that your body can operate in the most efficient state? Are you satisfied with the health of your gut? Are you happy with your overall physical ability and the energy your body has to have in order to achieve your daily goals? Do you think your body has enough energy to operate in full potential till the end of the day?

3. Business/ Career

In your business or career are you heading in the right direction? Are you learning and really growing your business or career? Your business or career will only rise to the level of your learning new business / job skills. So, do you think you’re learning new skills and ideas and implementing them in your business or career? Are you excited about the end results and what it will look like?

4. Finances

Do we have the right definition of financial success? Here, we don’t consider financial success to be a certain number of zeros in your bank account or having a certain house or driving a certain car, it is abundance, true abundance of having enough for you and for your loved ones, the ability to be able to contribute to the needs of others. To be able to live your life in the income you receive and also to be able to give and save at least 10% of your income for rainy days. Don’t forget to also evaluate your debts and your ability to pay it off.

5. Fun and recreation

Are you taking time to enjoy some outdoor activities and having some fun and break the routine? When we involve ourselves with some fun-filled activities it keeps our mental health optimal, it also releases the hormones that makes us happy and energizes us, it replenishes us and gives us a feeling of connection with ourselves, nature, and the people we are involved with while doing those activities.

6. Physical possessions

Physical possessions are the tangible things you want to own. These are the things that you can touch and feel and it is tangible which will make you accomplished when you own them do you own or have a goal to live to have a house, we can, furniture, jewelry etc maybe you want to own a private jet, luxurious yard or maybe a bike whatever it may be for you do you feel accomplished?

7. Contribution and legacy

What would you contribute to society or to others individually? How are you going to have an impact on this world or maybe your own community? It could be financial contribution or impacting others’ lives, whatever it may be for you. What are you leaving behind as a legacy? Would your great-grandkids know you for the impact you had made to change their lives?

8. Good habits and personal growth

Are you growing everyday is the question? Are you satisfied with the direction you are headed to? Do you have good habits of reading books? Do you have goals for yourself on how many books do you want to read? Do you have a morning and an evening routine that works for you? Do you have a plan to apply those readings in your life? Do you appreciate yourself and do you remind yourself of how amazing you are when self-doubt starts to creep in? Do you have a habit of expressing your gratitude? Are you a walking example of honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, care, compassion, gratitude and thoughtfulness? Are you taking time and have you developed a habit of self-reflection on your day or tasks? Are you taking time for meditation? Are you growing emotionally everyday and winning small battles of life?

Action Time

It’s not enough to only look at your wheel and success and ponder about what is right and what is wrong. If you need to change something, you need to take massive action in order to accomplish that change and have a balanced wheel of success. You have to take 2 Actions:

Action 1- Write down which area of your life do you need to enhance your satisfaction level in?

Action 2- Write down what are the steps that you will take to achieve your satisfaction? Mention it in your plan and have a due date in front of each action item.

The Wheel of Success is a very simple way to evaluate the success of every arena of your life; it’s not highly complicated or doesn’t have fancy charts and graphs. But, it is the most effective and extremely beneficial tool. Take time and fill it up for yourself. If you do follow through on your Action Items, you will definitely see a noticeable difference and success in every area of your life.

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By Priyanka Pandey

Trainer and Content Writer